Funded Sessions and Additional Fees


Session Fees

Any sessions which are not covered by funded hours will be charged at £4.80 per hour. 

Breakfast Charge 

At our Breakfast Sessions we provide breakfast cereal and a drink this is charged at £1 per day (optional).  

Snack Contributions 

We also suggest a voluntary contribution to cover the cost of providing the morning and afternoon snack. There is a donation box available in pre-school - suggested amount is between £1 and £3 per month. 

Hot School Lunches 

Our hot school lunches are provided by School Grid and payment is made via their website directly. However, they charge Thames for the VAT element of lunches separately. We will invoice you termly for the VAT element of any hot lunches you have ordered. (Currently hot lunches are charged at £1.80 per meal, VAT is therefore 36p per meal) 

Payment Policy 

We will invoice termly in arrears for any fees payable - for more details please see our payment policy. 

Funded Sessions

15 Hours Funded Sessions

All 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to 15 hours of government funded pre-school provision per week (over 38 weeks per year). These funded sessions are available from the term after the child's 3rd birthday and the funding will be arranged on your behalf by pre-school. 

Additional Funded Sessions (up to 30 hours per week in total)

Some working parents of 2, 3 and 4 years olds can also apply for up to an additional 15 hours per week (up to a total of 30 funded hours per week, for 38 weeks per year).

For further information, please visit

To access additional funding, parents must apply themselves, and provide a code to Thames Pre-school. 


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